Photo by google 10/02/2017
Today I will be talking about Janelle Monae's  fashion style. Janelle Monae is a singer, song writer and model signed to her own imprint. Personally, I love how she dresses because her style is unique and she barely shows off her skin. I noticed this because on most occasions she is always in black and white suits with bow ties. She dresses like the 1920's girl, its all classic and vintage. It's like I've found myself in someone else, LOL!!.

 She is very unique and she tries to bring out her feminism through her classic type of dressing. I must say I'm impressed. It is through fashion that we are able to speak ourselves out. What we wear speaks a lot for us and is very much interpreted by our society.

 I quote,"I enjoy how women dressed in the 1920's with the shimmering jewels and rich feathers. I imagine this outfit would be worn by the girl Gatsby fell for,"  Janelle Monae.

 I love what she had worn for the Marie Claire's Image maker awards. It was a tux in a dress!.
Photo by google 10/02/2017

Who would wear this?! I would wear it because its unique and full of glam. I'm a big fan and will always be!


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